Sony Ericsson P900 - Page 2

The GUI and Screen shots

System (SY) font (all sizes)
Proportional (PR) font (all sizes)

Monospace (MO) font (all sizes)
Bold style (size medium)

Italic style (size medium)
Underline style (size medium)

Form StringItems. P900 has fairly complete support for various font styles. Even PLAIN, HYPERLINK and BUTTON style are supported.

Form TextFields.

Form TextFields (continue).

Form Gauges. First one is editable, second one is read only.
Form DateFields. All 3 styles supported.

Form DateFields. P900 provide a nice widget to pick date.

Form Date Fields. P900 provide another nice widget to pick time.

Form ChoiceGroup. MULTIPLE selection mode. The image has a size of 17x20. However it is chopped by half.

Form ChoiceGroup. EXCLUSIVE selection mode.

Form ChoiceGroup. POPUP selection mode at the bottom.

Form ChoiceGroup. WRAP_ON is not supported. See the long string is truncated.

Form ChoiceGroup. With WRAP_OFF mode.

Form ChoiceGroup. Using the DEFAULT wrap mode. Looks like it is same as WRAP_OFF.

List. Again, P900 has very good support for various font style.

List. Additional font style in List.

List with extended number of items. (500 items). The performance is good, but it seem to take longer time to load the List when MIDlet starts. news
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