Featured Phone - Sony Ericsson P900

Last update: Feb 2003
Author: Ben Hui

It has been only 3 months since Sony Ericsson P900 is released to the public, but it has quickly become the favourite smart phone platform for many mobile developers. Reasons? Crystal clear 208x253 screen with 16-bit color depth (65k color), VGA Camera, touch screen and loaded with powerful Symbian OS 7.0. And last but not the least, very cool metalic outlook. But what does it has for us, the J2ME Developer communities? There is: the long waited MIDP 2.0 and Bluetooth API. In this review, I will take our reader into the nuts and bots of this phone.

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Supported API Overview

  • Fully implemented MIDP 2.0 API (JSR-118)
Package java.io
Package java.lang
Package java.util
Package javax.microedition.io
Package javax.microedition.lcdui
Package javax.microedition.lcdui.game
Package javax.microedition.media
Package javax.microedition.media.control
Package javax.microedition.midlet
Package javax.microedition.pki
Package java.microedition.rms

  • MIDlet.platformRequest() supports tel:// and http:// scheme
  • Push Registry is support
  • Network connection support http:// and https://
  • Multi-Media API 1.1 (JSR-135) supports the following audio media (video is not supported)
Supported Audio Formats
Audio Format Implementation Note
Tone sequence Cannot download over HTTP
AU format
WAV format
RMF format Beatnik
MP3 format Files with ID3v2 tag
iMelody vibration and backlight is not supported
  • Wireless Messaging API 1.1 (JSR-120) supports SMS receive, SMS send and Push Registry.
  • Java API for Bluetooth Wireless Technology (JABWT)1.0 (JSR-82) supports Generic Access Profile (GAP), Service Discovery Profile (SDP), and Serial Port Profile (SPP). They are all available via javax.bluetooth package. OBEX protocol is not supported.
  • For more details about the supported API, please see our resources section on page 3.


System Properties (via Sytesm.getProperty() )
Property Name Property Value
microedition.locale en
microedition.profiles MIDP-1.0 MIDP-2.0
microedition.configuration CLDC-1.0
microedition.platform Symbian OS
microedition.encoding ISO8859_1

GUI Properties (via Display and Canvas)
Method Name Return Value
Canvas.getWidth() 208
Canvas.getHeight() 173
Font.getDefaultFont() SYSTEM / MEDIUM / PLAIN
Font.getBaselinePosition() 11 (Default font)
Font.getHeight() 17 (Default font)
Canvas.isDoubleBuffered() true
Canvas.hasRepeatEvents() true
Display.flashBacklight() true
Display.isColor() true
Display.numAlphaLevels() 256
Display.numColors() 65535
Display.vibrate() false

When local time is set to EST, TimeZone.getDefault() returns GMT-5. TimeZone.getAvailableIDs()

Bluetooth Properties (via LocalDevice.getProperty() )
Property Name Property Value
bluetooth.api.version 1.0
bluetooth.l2cap.receiveMTU.max 672
bluetooth.connected.devices.max 7
bluetooth.connected.inquiry false
bluetooth.connected.page false
bluetooth.connected.inquiry.scan false
bluetooth.connected.page.scan false
bluetooth.master.switch false
bluetooth.sd.trans.max 1
bluetooth.sd.attr.retrievable.max 65535

Supported media protocol and content type
(via Manager.getSupportedContentTypes())
Protocol Content-Type
http audio/basic, audio/wav
file Not Supported
jar Not Supported
res Not Supported
capture Not Supported
rtp Not Supported

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