Interview of Michael Juntao Yuan

Mobile Guru column is a dedicated section of, which features seasoned professionals , pioneers, and contributors in the mobile development community. We are happy to invite Michael Yuan to our featured Mobile Guru column this month. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

  • Author of "Enterprise J2ME" from Prentice Hall
  • Architect and lead developer of the Nokia Series 40/60 Blueprint applications
  • JavaWorld Wireless Java columnist
  • Speaker for JavaOne and other conferences
  • PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin Which area of mobile industry you're involved with?

  • Mobile commerce research (business models and technology trends)
  • End-to-end application development
  • Developer education Could you explain some of the interesting aspect of your effort?

MJY: I cannot really talk about the Nokia Blueprint right now. But I can talk about my book. The "Enterprise J2ME" book is the first advanced mobile Java book that specifically targets enterprise developers. It gets hand-on with many examples and at the same time, stays focused on design choices. Enterprise developers will learn how to extend their existing skills and add mobility features to their enterprise backend applications.

Mobile consumer application (game) developers can also learn enterprise design patterns and best practices from the book and get ready for this important new market. What do you see is the main challenge you see facing mobile technology development at this time?

MJY: Standardization. Developers need standardized APIs but device manufacturers need to differentiate themselves in the market place. So, this is a constant battle. We will see whether the JCP can keep J2ME up to date with all those new hardware innovations. Do you see mobility is more important to enterprise space or to consumer space?

MJY: Both. Right now, consumer applications are hot. It is basically a replay of the early history of personal computer and the commercial internet. Enterprise applications will catch up when the infrastructure is there. That might take a couple of years before consider their mobiles as tools rather toys. But the enterprise mobile revolution will come -- especially if you consider that more than 66% of the US work force will be mobile by 2007. What, in your view, are the attributes contribute to a successful mobile device?

  • Large color screen
  • Long battery life
  • Support for external hardware add-ons (GPS, scanner etc.)
  • Access to multiple networks and email systems
  • Convenient input methods (pen or build-in keyboard)
  • Support for all the latest programming specifications (J2ME, Symbian, .NET CF etc.) What, in your view, are the attributes contribute to a successful mobile application?

MJY: I think the application must be designed with mobility in mind. It must consider the limited screen size, CPU power and network availability on mobile devices. So, the choices of the right technology (J2ME/Symbian/MMS/WAP) and the overall end-to-end design are crucial to the success. Where should people go to learn more about your effort?

MJY: Get my book. :) Or, you can visit me at JavaRanch's J2ME forum. Forum Nokia and JavaWorld are also places to read my articles. We would like to thanks Michael for his time and insights. We hope to talk to Michael again in near future.


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